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OPCMIA Local 18

Local 18, is non-for-profit labor organization that is part of the Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons International Association. For over 150 years, the Operative Plasterers' and Cement Masons' International Association (OPCMIA) has represented and trained plasterers and cement masons for the purpose of protecting and promoting the quality of our industry and the livelihood of our members.

Members of Local 18 can be found working on major projects throughout Central / Western Illinois and even parts of Missouri & Iowa. Our members work on all kinds of projects -- from the roads you drive on every day to buildings you find yourself in on a regular basis. Local 18 members are the dedicated, highly trained and skilled group of workers that keep our communities growing.

Local 18 Cement Masons at work pouring concrte


The Cement Masons work primarily on industrial, commercial and highway projects.  Concrete and its related products are used as an effective durable product to safely support your offices, schools, homes, restaurants, churches as well as any of the structures that you may inhabit on a daily basis.   The Cement Masons utilize the strength and versatility of concrete for the foundation of your roadways, power plants, airport runways and dams.   They also perform work on driveways, sidewalks, walls and ceilings, curbs, gutters and slabs on grade.  Additionally, the Cement Masons do specialty work such as self-leveling gypsum and epoxy floors.

Local 18 Plaserer at work


Plasterer work has been around for centuries and is as durable and long-lasting as the ancient pyramids and can also serve as a delicate and decorative ornamental cornice in a museum.  During the early years, gypsum and hair (normally horse hair) was introduced to add strength and endurance to plaster.   Research shows that many of the modern tools in the present day are not far from the design, shape and intention of those early tools for plastering techniques.  Today’s Plaster and its related products are more refined and resilient than ever and are used as a building material for interior and exterior applications.


We belong to our members and together we work for the greater good of all.




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