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Employer FAQs

  • Is the Union going to control my business?
    No, we want to be your partner. The union has no desire to run your business, they supply skilled manpower and want you to succeed.
  • Is it true I can never fire anyone?
    No. You or your foreman is in charge of layoffs and discharges.
  • Will the Union allow me to use my existing work force?
    Yes. Those in your employ who do plasterers or cement mason work would be required to join the union as a journeyman or as apprentice, depending on their skill level.
  • On a Prevailing rate job, do I have to pay an apprentice full rate?"
    No. Apprentices in our program get paid the apprentice rate according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. We have registered apprenticeship programs for plasterers’ and cement masons’ so the apprentice rates are compliant with the law.
  • How does the subcontracting provision in the contract work?
    A signatory general contractor must hire a signatory sub-contractor went doing plasterer or cement mason work. This provides for a harmonious job site, and a more stable workforce.
  • What do my employees have to pay to be members and what benefits do they get?
    We have initiation fees to become a member and these fees may be waived in certain circumstances. The benefits they receive are representation for safety, health and other issues, a “marketing team” in the field to procure more work for all the members, free training in safety, new products and standardized methods, a voice in a democratic organization, health and welfare, and retirement benefits.
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