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New Apprenticeship Graduates

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Congratulations to everyone graduating the Apprenticeship Program! Here are several pictures from the graduation event.

Left to right: David Arnold (Plasterers Apprentice Coordinator, Local 18), Bryson Johnson, Urias Nava & Montie Schell (Business Agent for Local 18).
Left to right: Steven Coats, Urias Nava, Bryson Johnson & New Apprenticeship Coordinator, Eric Steele (All from Local 18)

In the below picture Eric Steele is thanking and congratulating Mike on a job well done for mentoring the apprentices and presenting him with a Local 18 sweatshirt.

Left to right - Montie Schell (previous Recording Secretary), Michael Wilson (Mentor), Scott Nimmo (President of Local 18), Urias Nava, Mark Winkler (Business Manager / Recording Secretary) & Eric Steele.

Eric Steele - Apprenticeship Coordinator, congratulating & thanking Cliff for a job well done mentoring Bryson & presenting him with a Local 18 sweatshirt. 

Left to right: Montie Schell (Recording Secretary), Cliff Durbin (Mentor), Scott Nimmo (President), Bryson Johnson & Mark Winkler

Here is Eric Steele presenting Urias Nava with the Outstanding Apprentice of the Year Award.

Left to right: Scott Nimmo (President), Urias Nava, Mark Winkler (BM/FS) & Eric Steele (Apprenticeship coordinator)

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