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Delegates to OPCMIA Conven. Unanimously Elect Gen. Pres. Daniel E. Stepano, Entire Leadership Team

The OPCMIA stands in solidarity with the 50,000 courageous United Auto Workers members on strike for justice and a fair contract at General Motors.

When GM was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2009, UAW members made enormous sacrifices to keep the company alive. Yet now, with GM raking in $35 billion in profits over the past three years, the company is refusing to share its prosperity with the men and women whose loyalty, dedication and hard work made it all possible. Enough is enough!

By taking a stand against corporate greed and for simple common decency, our brothers and sisters at the UAW are fighting back against all that’s wrong with our rigged economic system. The OPCMIA has their back — as should all Americans who want to see the middle class start growing again.

The UAW’s demands — fair wages, affordable quality health care, their share of profits, job security, and a defined path to permanent seniority for temps — are the least they are owed after all these years of sacrifice. The OPCMIA joins the UAW in demanding that GM return to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair contract.

This is a fight we must win — not only for the sake of our brave UAW sisters and brothers, but for all working families. The OPCMIA will stand by the UAW’s side until victory is achieved, whatever it takes and however long it takes!

Daniel E. Stepano General President


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